API Security: A Guide to securing your digital channels

Malicious assaults and denial-of-service attacks are increasingly targeting enterprise applications as back-end systems become more accessible and usable through cloud, mobile and in on-premise environments. The API is a major point of vulnerability, given its ability to offer programmatic access to external parties with few … Continued

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Understanding OAuth

OAuth arose out of the process of improving the OpenID standard at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to solve the problem of secure access to multiple systems on behalf of a single client. This paper illustrates how OAuth works using simple use cases. It … Continued

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eBook: Building Successful APIs

Proven best practices that enable businesses to realize successful APIs The eBook shares proven best practices that enable businesses to realize success from APIs and ensure appropriate security and system management or running up unsustainable costs. Taking a holistic, integrated approach, it blends technology and … Continued

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Building an API and Developer Community

Creating a good API is just one element of a successful API strategy. Making APIs work for your business involves efficiently but effectively engaging with developers. This paper looks at how SOA Software API Management platform can be leveraged to create a developer community that … Continued

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SOA and API Convergence : What it means for IBM Customers

SOA governance and API management each have attributes that lead to important differences and important similarities between them. Misunderstanding or ignoring these attributes will lead to a confused and conflicted enterprise where service consumption does not evolve alongside service production, resulting in the opposite of … Continued

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Unified SOA Governance for JBoss

For organizations that use JBOSS as the platform for building or consuming web services, SOA Software offers an SOA Governance Automation solution. This paper describes how SOA Software’s solution promotes the use of best-practices throughout an enterprise SOA program regardless of where services and consumers … Continued

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SOA Development Governance

Software development in the enterprise has never been a simple process. However, in the last decade, with the emergence of SOA, PaaS, private clouds, and cloud hybrids, the SDLC has become exponentially more challenging. A strong development governance platform is essential in this environment. This … Continued

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